Instructions for submission

Instructions for full paper submission

Full papers are required for all types of submissions (oral communications, posters and symposiums).
They will be included in the conference proceedings and must be submitted before June 15, 2016.

Please follow the instructions below and use the templates provided.

General instructions
  • Full papers must be written in English.
  • Full papers must be submitted online only.
  • Files must be in a Word or text format (PDF format will not be accepted).
  • Files must be named as HEPS2016-Lastname_of_the_first_author.doc

Specific instructions for the different types of presentations:

Type of presentation
Instructions for full paper
to be submitted before June 15, 2016
Instructions for the conference material
to be provided for the day of the conference
Oral presentation
6 A4 pages (approximately 3000 words)
based on the template for oral communication
PowerPoint presentation: about 15 min presentation + 5 min discussion
Rooms are equipped with computers and projectors
Please come 5 minutes prior the start of your session to upload your PowerPoint on the computer

800 to 1000 words poster presentation
based on the template for poster
A0-sized poster in portrait orientation (poster hanging will be taken care of for you, unless you prefer to do it yourself)

Posters will be displayed throughout the duration of the conference in the dining room where coffee and lunch breaks will take place
Please stay close to the room at the time of breaks in order to exchange with people interested in your research

Here are some additional ideas that can help you in preparing your poster:
- You can print posters in small format that you put next to your poster so that interested people can contact you
- You can specify schedules / days when you will be present to discuss your poster
- You can put a picture of yourself so that interested people can recognize you more easily
6 A4 pages (approximately 3000 words)
based on the template for symposium
PowerPoint presentation
(total length of the symposium : 1h30)

Submit online

Full papers must be submitted via the online submission website :